Remote API Documentation
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Usage of GM remote APIs require acceptance into our API developer program. To be considered for that program, contact us at


Grants or removes permission for an application to interact with the vehicle. Access to a vehicles data services, commands and telemetry listed below start with consent.

Subscriber Services

Returns information about the OnStar subscriber. Information includes: Name, Email, Phone Number, and Owner or Driver.

Vehicle Commands

Requests the vehicle to perform the following actions: lock/unlock doors, remote start/stop, and vehicle alert (activates horn and lights). It also can be used to retrieve vehicle diagnostics such as oil life and tire pressure, receive turn-by-turn route destination and return the vehicles GPS location.


Gives access to a vehicle's direction, how fast it's going and where it is now. Telemetry can give a powerful insight into route optimization, fuel efficiency, and habits. Take informed decisions to the next level, offer easier ways to travel, evaluate safety risks and change the way a driver uses their vehicle.

Hard Braking

Returns data related to a range of braking and accelerating performance of the driver. Thresholds can be set based on your own requirements allowing you to define your own range of safe performance.


Gives Fleet customers the ability to send multiple requests to more than one vehicle in a single action, from getting important maintenance information like fuel levels, oil life and odometer reads to locking every vehicle on a lot.


Reports significant events associated with Malfunction Indicator Lights in the vehicle such as 'check engine,' or 'tire pressure,' as well as other Diagnostic Trouble Codes.

Remote Vehicle Disable

Gives the ability to decide when you want the vehicle used by allowing remote disabling or enabling of the engine. Vehicles can be disabled and re-enabled multiple times a day within an established timeframe.

Vehicle Services

Provides information on make, model, year and a vehicle's capabilities. For example, whether or not Remote Start is possible.


The "grid" refers to the U.S. electric power infrastructure. Smart grid is the evolution of the current electrical grid, using new technology to make the grid run more efficiently. Smart grid APIs allow 3rd party developers, such as electric utilities and aggregators, to manage participating GM electric vehicles within their area of authority. The result is providing owners of GM electric vehicles the option to charge at the most cost efficient time.