Next Generation Infotainment

NGI Comes Loaded With Features

  • Realtime access to 350+ vehicle data signals
  • Native Touchscreen interface (no phone required)
  • Build with modern web technologies (HTML/CSS/JS)
  • Use onboard GPS and navigation data
  • Access orientation and accelerometer data
  • Respond to driver workload
  • Monitor inputs such as steering and accelerator position
  • Play or stream many audio formats
  • Bright and colorful 8 inch diagonal touch display

Painless Installation

Install a private node module for a setup process that is fast and familar to anyone working with today’s front-end web development tools. Once you sign up for a developer account and download the package source, you’ll be ready to go in less than 5 minutes

Get Started Quickly

Generate app boilerplate with simple commands, try out a working app the moment you get started, and leverage a library of code samples to start putting together serious in-vehicle experiences. Online and offline documentation is available

Easily emulate vehicle behavior

Consume the same APIs available in-vehicle and use a suite of tools to change everything from network connectivity, location, speed, and physical buttons found in the infotainament stack of GM’s vehicles.

Test in a Real Vehicle

Turn your compatible GM vehicle into an app testing platform with GM Dev Client

Dev Client Application and Usage Guide